Zanbato Sutter ATS

Zanbato has partnered with Sutter Securities Incorporated, a twenty year old investment banking firm in San Francisco, to operate the Zanbato platform as the world’s first Alternative Trading System (ATS) for infrastructure, energy, and natural resource transactions.

The US Securities and Exchange Commission created the ATS designation in 1998 to recognize the potential for innovation in electronic financial markets with the birth of the Internet. ATSs are designed to match buyers and sellers of securities, who participate in large transactions that would be difficult to execute via traditional exchanges–making it a perfect match for the infrastructure finance industry.

The ATS designation brings strict record-keeping and qualification requirements, which we believe will enhance the quality of our network, ensuring the legitimacy of members and investment opportunities on the platform. With more than 20 years of experience managing private placement transactions, Sutter will be an incredible partner in helping us to oversee the regulatory functions of the ATS.

The ATS launch is planned for April 24th, and will involve bringing on many new members and new deals. After that date, investment opportunities will only be available to members who have upgraded their accounts.

ATS membership is free of charge, with only a micro-transaction fee charged on deals closed on the platform. We highly recommend that you signup here so you don’t miss out on all the opportunities!